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Beaverton Schools



BSD retains sole right of ownership of the Chromebook. The Chromebooks are loaned to the students for educational purposes only for a one-year period, renewable each year. 


Students should be aware that there should be no expectation of privacy when using BSD network or equipment. When students access the BSD network at school, BSD will actively filter access and use third party solutions to monitor content for threats, violence, illegal activity, etc. Notifications are sent to the BSD Tech Support and Administration regarding suspicious activity. If concerns are identified, disciplinary action and/or parent contact may occur. 


It is recommended that students establish a location that they charge their Chromebook each night so it is ready for use the next day.  A Chromebook will last through an entire school day without problem on a full charge.  Some parents/guardians have chosen to have this in a location outside of the students bedroom to assure it has been plugged in and removes the possibility of late night usage.


The district does not restrict use of the chromebook to any specific time periods due to very different family, work and homework situations.  Some parents/guardians have chosen to have the Chromebook plugged in each night outside of the students bedroom when concerned about late night usage.