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Little Mustangs

Little Mustangs Learning Center Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing environment for the development of the children of our student teen parents and to enable these parents to develop, reflect upon, and improve their roles as parents while gaining knowledge of human growth and development, and early childhood education.

The Little Mustangs Learning Center has been in operation since the early 1980's. The needs of young student parents inspired community leaders and volunteers to create the early CEYP program. They supported these young parents in attaining their high school diplomas and a bright future. Forty years later, we are a highly respected, licensed infant and early childhood learning center that still meets the original mission. The LMLC certified staff are loving, highly competent, and committed to being the finest early childhood educators. Working together with select volunteers, we have provided four decades of essential support to hundreds of our district's teen parents and their children.

  • Grant-funded by the State of Oregon.
  • Serving Beaverton School District students.
  • Staffed with experienced, certified early childhood educators.
  • Quality care, early education, and nutritious meals.

Parents can feel secure leaving their child in this safe and loving environment.
– CEYP Student


"I've heard the best predictor of a child's academic success is the mother's academic success. CEYP helps parents and their children! Win! Win!"
– LMLC Volunteer

"CEYP is an invaluable resource for teen parents. For the last 25 years, I've loved being able to care for the children of moms and dads working to finish their high school education!"
– LMLC Volunteer

"You will find the little Mustangs Learning Center a safe and loving place in which your children will learn and grow. Genuine caring and dedication of the staff is at the center of all we do."
– LMLC Staff Member

"With such nice facilities, friendly employees, and caring volunteers, if the CEYP Early Childhood Learning Center was open to the public, there would be a years-long waiting list!"
– LMLC Volunteer

Little Mustangs Learning Centeronline or 503-356-3650 

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